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En français: Madagascar & Bruxelles, Belgique

By Laura Drepanos and Rosanna Zhao, III Form & Michelle Li and Alex Song, IV Form
En français: Madagascar & Bruxelles, Belgique
tana_skylineThe following descriptions are written by French 2 students who engaged in abrussels-pinned-map-europe-photo-may-be-used-as-illustration-traveling-theme-43571434 project making brochures that detailed different Francophone countries.

IMG_1458From Laura Drepanos and Rosanna Zhao:
In French class, we created a brochure about Madagascar. Some questions in mind were how will we get there? and what can we do? This project was not only educational, it was also interesting. Our initial picture of Madagascar was four cartoon zoo animals; however, upon researching we discovered that it is an incredibly beautiful natural environment with friendly citizens ready to welcome visitors. Through our brochure, we were able to construct grammatically correct sentences in French with more ease, and it allowed us helpful practice with new vocabulary. Our classmates’ interests in our brochure made us proud of the hard work we had put in.
You can view Rosanna and Laura’s Brochure here.

From Michelle Li and Alex Song:IMG_1460

For this project, we used our knowledge of indirect and direct object pronouns and en to create a brochure for tourists who are interested in traveling to Brussels, Belgium. We included a lot of information that is needed before the trip, such as flight information, restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. We really enjoyed this project because we learned about the different aspects of a foreign city and displayed our knowledge of French in a creative project.

You can view Michelle and Alex’s brochure here.

Laura Drepanos is a III Form day student from Southborough, MA. She enjoys going to the beach, playing field hockey, watching The Walking Dead with her brother, and playing piano.

Rosanna Zhao is a III Form boarding student from Shanghai, China. She plays tennis and absolutely loves art.

Michelle Li is a IV Form boarding student from Shanghai, China. She enjoys the visual arts and plays tennis.

Alex Song is a IV Form boarding student from Shanghai, China. He lives in Theriot South, plays golf, and enjoys watching anime.



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