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En français: Madagascar & Bruxelles, Belgique

By Laura Drepanos and Rosanna Zhao, III Form & Michelle Li and Alex Song, IV Form
En français: Madagascar & Bruxelles, Belgique
tana_skylineThe following descriptions are written by French 2 students who engaged in abrussels-pinned-map-europe-photo-may-be-used-as-illustration-traveling-theme-43571434 project making brochures that detailed different Francophone countries.


Want to Be More Creative? Get Immersed in Nature!

By Hans Zhou, V Form

Today’s children only spend around 20 minutes outside per day. The number of visits in both national parks and nature-based recreation has steadily declined since the 1980s. Social media and technology are taking away opportunities to go out and explore nature. The modernized life we are living now is much better than the one our ancestors had in terms of medical care and living standards, but are we missing out on the benefits and beauty nature might hold for us?  A study by Strayer and University of Kansas psychologists Ruth Ann Atchley and Paul Atchley has shown that immersion in natural settings could improve creativity. The study involved 56 people: 30 men and 26 women at an average age of 28. These subjects were divided into eight different groups to participate in hiking trips without any technology from four to six days (more…)