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Artifact of Learning: What Is Cancer?

By Gillian Yue, V Form

Artifact of Learning: What Is Cancer?

Editor’s Note: This video is from the following assignment in Advanced Biology

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Charge:  Create an Artifact of Learning* that will clearly explain to someone not in this class: What is Cancer? And How Does it Arise? Your artifact should synthesize the content from this unit (DNA Structure & Replication, The Cell Cycle, Mitosis & Cytokinesis, and Control of the Cell Cycle), as well as integrate new information that you have researched to better make sense of this disease.  Your answer should not be a review of EVERYTHING examined; rather you should selectively integrate elements of each topic that help to explain what cancer is and how it arises. Note:  This assignment does not ask – how do we treat cancer, detect cancer, prevent cancer, etc.  Simply – What is Cancer?

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*Scroll to bottom for definition of an “Artifact of Learning”

Gillian Yue is a V Form boarding student from Shanghai, China. She plays soccer and enjoys playing video games.





Artifacts of Learning:  AoL are scholarly products that demonstrate one’s understanding of a specific topic.  Annotated Diagrams and 1-Takes are AoL.  But so are LEO articles, Dining Hall Information sheets, podcasts, infographics, and edited videos.  And there are many more options – you could make a Voicethread or Prezi.

Resources:  Here is a list of some resources:

Inside Cancer (Links to an external site.) – A Multimedia Guide to Cancer Biology published by Cold Spring Harbor Lab

Hallmarks of Cancer (Links to an external site.) – A monumental Review article about cancer written by experts in the field

National Cancer Institute (Links to an external site.) – Website

Mapping the Cancer GenomePreview the documentView in a new window – A Scientific American article

How Cancer Grows and Spreads (Links to an external site.) – A NOVA interactive

The Virus Behind the Cancer (Links to an external site.) – Yale Medicine article about HPV, Henrietta Lacks, and Cancer

The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer (Links to an external site.) – HHMI Interactive

Cancer as a Genetic Disease (Links to an external site.) – HHMI Video Lecture Series (excerpts)

Resources that dig deeper than you need to … but maybe you are interested:

Control of apoptosis by p53 (Links to an external site.)

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