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Examples of Experiences in Chinese Class

Examples of Experiences in Chinese Class

From Ms. Yuhong Xu: “My main pedagogical approach is teaching vocabulary, grammar, and speaking. I focus a lot on speaking, and my students are able to speak and communicate with a stronger confidence in and outside of class.”

On speaking by Caroline Sullivan (III Form): “Speaking is the most important part of learning Chinese. Although learning grammar and new vocab is essential to becoming fluent in Chinese, speaking and being able to communicate in the language is most important. If students only study Chinese grammar, they will never be able to make use of the language and communicate with their Chinese peers. By practicing speaking in class every day, I am making progress in mastering the language.”

Click on the image for a video of conversation in action.

On writing characters by Edwardo Perez (VI Form): “We practice writing the characters so much that this task is almost second nature now. I am proud that I do not need to reference the book anymore.”

On writing characters by Logan Matthews (III Form): “Class is so much fun. When I write the characters, I find it very easy because I memorized them.”

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