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Unity Based Top-Down Shooter Game: Design and Development

By Gillian Yue, VI Form

Unity based Top-Down Shooter Game: Design and Development

I’ve always been interested in video games since I was a child. To me, playing games was never just entertainment; it was also a special artistic experience. While art can be presented in many forms, visually, auditorily or written down, video games are often a combination of different forms, as they need to contain graphics, sounds, and storylines.

This summer, through the Class of ’68 Grant, I worked on an independent game project for the iOS platform, a simple space-shooter-style game with a small variation: instead of simply shooting “bullets”, the player first collects the bullets by tapping on the randomly code-generated paintballs. I chose to work on this project because I’ve always enjoyed playing Space-Shooting games, and I wondered if I had the ability to create something similar. The bulk of the programming was facilitated by the game engine Unity3d, whereas the graphics and audio used in the game were created respectively in Photoshop and Garageband. So far, I’ve had the time to complete the basic structure and logic of the game, with a few characters, background and soundtracks, and I plan to add more artistic components as my project progresses.

Because the players take an active part in controlling the development and direction of the game, a video game is an experience that’s immersive and open-ended. The reason why I like games so much is the amount of creativity, flexibility, and emotions they can contain. I’m always excited about the variety of game genres that exist right now, and with all sorts of new technological advances that are happening, I see a great potential in the development of video games.

Here’s a YouTube video clip my game, Bubbla, that is still a work in progress. Check it out!

Gillian Yue is a VI Form boarding student from Shanghai, China. She lives in Thayer, and she enjoys playing video games and listening to jazz music. 


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