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I Built a Canoe!

By Reily Scott, III Form

I Built a Canoe!

Over the summer, I ordered some blueprints, bought some wood, and started on my

Click the image for a time-lapse video of the project!

seventy-hour journey to buoyancy. For the past three summers, I have built something alongside my dad. Projects have varied from a toolbox to a blacksmith forge. I knew I wanted to build something, so I looked online, but nothing inspired me. After some deep thinking, I decided that my solution should consist of something with fishing because of my dad; oh, and I love the joy of using dangerous power tools! My dad and I searched online for unique canoes that we could construct. Eventually, we came upon a method known as “skin on frame”. This method helped Eskimos construct their boats. Basically, it consists of a seal skin pulled tightly over a wooden frame. Since we were not planning to go to the top or bottom of the world to hunt and skin a seal, we purchased a small tarp of polyester in substitution.

Afterwards, we obtained the other necessary materials (blueprints, red cedar, and marine plywood), and waited impatiently for the arrival of the blueprints. A week later, we were ready to build. Spending four hours on the project a day for a solid month would only complete the project. The outcome of the canoe, or the CSV Sunburst, was that it was oiled,  sixteen feet long, about three wide, floatable, and captivating. The name was taken from the look of the boards on the bow of the canoe (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla) and the breast hook that had a sun ray look in the wood.

Along the way, I documented the process via Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/grbsx2canoe/) and on a Website (grbsx2canoe.weebly.com).

When it was completed, my satisfaction was so strong. For the first summer ever, I accomplished something worthwhile and hadn’t enveloped myself in Call of Duty. I took a lot away from this experience, but most the most critical thing was that pushing myself can be very beneficial. I mean, look at me. I built a canoe!







Reily Scott is a III Form boarding student from Concord, MA. He enjoys theatre and video games.

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