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“I Am” Poetry

By Miss Amanda Hultin, English & Religion Faculty, and Charlie Mosse, Gillian Yue, Cooper Giblin, Hailey Dubose, Peter Ackerman, & Mark Wang, IV Form

“I Am” Poetry

In the first days of school, there is much that I want to learn about my students. I ask them to write, “How can I be a good teacher for you?” “What do you want me to know about you as a student? As a person?” The answers are read only by me.

I also want my students to learn about each other and to begin creating the learning environment unique to each class. I assign the “I am” poem as an exercise in thinking, writing, and talking about one’s identity. The assignment is simple:

Create a poem describing your identity. The poem should be two stanzas of four lines each. The lines in the first stanza will begin with “ I am…” and each line in the second stanza will begin with “ I am not…”

Below are the resulting products of the assignment.

who am i

Charlie Mosse:

I am my passion

I am my resilience

I am try, try again

I am seizing the day

I am not anyone else

I am not wasting my opportunities

I am not giving up

I am not failure


Gillian Yue:

I am a tree

I am its bent flexible branches

I am the swimmer against the current

I am gentle persistence

I am not a balloon

I am not a scarecrow

I am not the hollow tree hole

I am not emptiness

Cooper Giblin:

I am growing up in a broken world

I am witnessing great evils everyday

I am cared for by my peers

I am supported by community

I am not going to let my life fade away

I am not in control of my fate

I am not satisfied with myself

I am not the person I thought I was


Hailey Dubose:

I am not perfect,

I am not loud,

I am not scared,

I am not small.

I am happy,

I am heard,

I am bold,

I am courageous.

Peter Ackerman:

I am not the one shipped off to school

I am not the one who did something bad

I am not “the failure”

I am not the person they expected me to be

I am the one who raised eyebrows

I am the one whom people talked about

I am the one who changed what people thought about him

I am the one who surprised everybody

Mark Wang:

I am an eagle soaring up the sky

I am a tiger ruling over the ground

I am a dolphin jumping through the ocean

I am a young grass, waving across the wind.

I am Mark Wang

I am not a random Asian

I am not a prisoner locked in my own cage

I am not a greedy human picking up all of what is left in the world

I am not sadness, nor frustration.

I am just Mark Wang


Charlie Mosse is a IV Form boarder from Beverly, MA.  He plays hockey and lacrosse and entertains all with his sense of humor.

Gillian Yue is a IV Form boarding student from Shanghai, China. She lives in Thayer, plays soccer, and enjoys playing video games. 

David Cooper Giblin is a IV Form day student from Westborough, MA. He plays lacrosse and squash, and he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. 

Hailey DuBose is a IV Form boarding student from Raynham, MA. She plays varsity soccer and enjoys spending her free time with her friends.

Peter Ackerman is a new IV Form boarding student from Westwood, MA. He plays squash, lacrosse and is the thirds’ soccer goalie.

Mark Wang is a IV Form boarding student from TianJing, China. He went to Fay School for three years, and he plays tennis and basketball.

Amanda Hultin teaches both English and religion. She earned her BA in Studies in Religion at the University of Michigan and holds a MEd in Mind, Brain, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has experience as a coxswain on the men’s rowing team at Michigan and will coach in the crew program this spring.

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