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2015 Sri Lanka Summer Trip Scrapbook

By Gabe Brower, V Form, Daphne Huang, VI Form, Abby Moses, VI Form, and Emily Tanner, VI Form

2015 Sri Lanka Summer Trip Scrapbook

The Sri Lanka summer trip (click here for scrapbook!) was offered as one of the St. Mark’s global citizenship travel opportunities5wZ1S3slQG9wAzJt9SB0IWx68N7oF4t1L2a-92SJbu4 supported by Envoys, a liaison program that seeks to educate students about the world through exposure and hands-on experiences in different countries and cultures. The St. Markers who participated in the trip applied through the St. Mark’s global citizenship program. Our days in Sri Lanka were unique in many senses. Not only were we given a wonderful travel and learning opportunity to engage in the culture and environment of Sri Lanka, but we also got the chance to partner with an educational non-profit organization called Educate Lanka. Educate Lanka provides students in Sri Lanka with scholarships by matching each student with a sponsor. By the end of the trip, we were able to meet some of the Educate Lanka students, visit the schools they attended, and fully immerse ourselves in different aspects of Sri Lanka. In the future, we hope to take more students to Sri Lanka and possibly do some fundraising here at St. Mark’s for Educate Lanka.

Click here for Envoys scrapbook loaded with gorgeous photos and individual reflections:


eh0Y-N4tBy6Q-pwDMVXUhJv9C0W5YL3FKe45YWVGquQGabe Brower is a V Form day student from Natick, MA. He enjoys drawing and making art, as well as playing the guitar and surfing.

Daphne Huang is a VI Form boarder and currently the only student from Taiwan. She lives in Pine/Oak as Prefect, takes photos for yearbook, and enjoys meeting new people.


Abby Moses is a VI Form day student from Bolton, MA. She does yoga/FIT and plays JV Tennis, and her favorite activities are traveling and exploring different cultures.

Emily Tanner is a VI Form boarding student. She enjoys traveling, running cross country, and environmental studies.



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