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Challenging the World to Decrease Energy Use

By Kristen Upton, V Form, Annette Kang, VI Form, and Kristin Smith, VI Form

Challenging the World to Decrease Energy Use

In our Advanced Environmental Science class, we had the challenge of making a 1-2 minute proposal video that would invite and encourage people around the world to find a solution to our essential question: How much of our energy use is actually necessary? In our video, we challenged our viewers to decrease their unnecessary energy use, with our goal being to prompt conversations and spread awareness of superfluous energy consumption. As we try to accomplish this feat at our school, we hope that this video will spur inspiration in others to take on the same challenge.

Team Energy’s Video:  Click Here

Kristen Upton is a V Form boarding student from Winthrop, MA.  She enjoys photography and playing JV hockey.

Annette Kang is a VI Former from Falls Church, Virginia. She enjoys creating things, breaking things, being right, and doing people favors.

Kristin Smith is a VI Form day student from Westborough, MA. She plays field hockey, basketball, and tennis and enjoys biology, ceramics, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.


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