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Listen To My Pictures

By Meg Josephson, VI Form

I’m going to keep this brief, or else I’d be contradicting myself.

After my constructive travels at St. Mark’s during such experiential opportunities as summer study abroad and the choir tour, I have been faced with the same pressing questions from family and friends when I return: “How was it?” and “What was your favorite part?” Once I reflect on my trip, all my memories mesh together, and the richness of the experience is so difficult to put into words. So instead, I’ve turned to the power of pictures to explain. Through this alternate method of helping others to understand my experiences, I have developed my passion for photography.

(Please note: When you open the Prezi link, please click the clock icon in the bottom right-hand corner, and select 4 seconds. That way, it will play automatically for you.)

Please click here:  Prezi–So Let Me Tell You in Pictures

Meg Josephson, from Charlottesville, Virginia,  is a VI Former living in Thieriot House.  She is a Head Monitor. Meg enjoys photography, smoothies, playing the ukulele, and tennis.

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