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My Mind’s I(sland)

by Iria Garcia, VI Form

In Mr. Camp’s VI Form English elective, ‘Getting LOST,’ the “Mind’s I(sland)” was the first assignment this fall.  The parameters are below.

Please click on this link to view Iria’s work:  Iria’s Mind’s I(sland) (*Video may not load on some mobile devices)

“Create a visual display in the form of an island; the island will be a representation of what constitutes your identity as an individual. Your island must have areas that symbolize six habitats of personal identity (Family; Friends; Money; Home; Body; You). Each habitat should be a distinct and distinguishable region of the island, though one can flow into another if that is appropriate to your Mind’s I.  Your medium may be a poster, 3-D model, digital—your choice, but creativity, honest reflection, and innovation are the essential ingredients to making your island.”

Iria Garcia, VI Form, is from La Coruna, Spain.  She came to St. Mark’s on her own volition as a new V Former in 2012-13.  Iria’s passion is fashion, which she plans on studying in college so to pursue her career as a designer.

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