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Historical Pottery: Cultural Unity Vessels

Featuring Work From: Tate Fredrick, Austin Hunt, Jasmine James, James Kral, Sarah Mattson, and Maisie Pierce

Historical Pottery: Cultural Unity Vessels

Instructor’s Note from Ms. Aggie Belt: Studying pottery from around the world teaches us about cultures far and near. Using the hand-building technique of coiling, students build a 10 inch tall vessel influenced from two specific cultures. From one culture they chose a form to reproduce, and from the other culture they chose a surface design to reproduce. Uniting these two cultures makes a unique vase. The Posters summarize their research and vases that informed their Unity Vase.

Sarah Mattson, III Form:

Tate Frederick, VI Form: (non-fired plastilina clay while remote learning)

Austin Hunt, IV Form:

Jasmine James, III Form:

James Kral, III Form:

Maisie Pierce, III Form:

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