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Historical Pottery: Cultural Unity Vessels

Featuring Work From: Tate Fredrick, Austin Hunt, Jasmine James, James Kral, Sarah Mattson, and Maisie Pierce

Historical Pottery: Cultural Unity Vessels

Instructor’s Note from Ms. Aggie Belt: Studying pottery from around the world teaches us about cultures far and near. Using the hand-building technique of coiling, students build a 10 inch tall vessel influenced from two specific cultures. From one culture they chose a form to reproduce, and from the other culture they chose a surface design to reproduce. Uniting these two cultures makes a unique vase. The Posters summarize their research and vases that informed their Unity Vase.

Sarah Mattson, III Form:


The Creativity of Throwing on the Wheel in Ceramics

By Eliza Wyckoff, V Form

The Creativity of Throwing on the Wheel in Ceramics

foxI was always intrigued by the different mediums of art. I loved painting and tried my best at drawing, even though that was a real struggle. When looking over the art electives the summer before my first year at St. Mark’s, I thought Studio would be a fun class to take, but, after I saw Ceramics, I changed my mind. I have always loved to work with my hands, especially if I am able to create something unique and beautiful in its own way. I had no idea what I was really signing up for; the only experience I had with throwing on a wheel was an afterschool club when I was in 8th grade. After my first class with Ms. Belt, I was slightly intimidated, but more curious about the skills and techniques you needed to use in order to throw good pots and bowls. Being able to go down to the ceramics room and work became an escape from homework and the stress of classes for me. I learned about the whole process that goes into throwing: recycling clay, flipping it so it dries out evenly, wedging it to blend the clay and get rid of air bubbles, and finally getting it on a wheel. (more…)