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Summer Photography: A Study Funded by the Class of 1968 V Form Fellowship

By Alie Hyland, VI Form

Summer Photography: A Study Funded by the Class of 1968 V Form Fellowship

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Editor’s Note: At their 25th reunion, the Class of 1968 created a fund to provide grants to V Form students for independent study during the school year or, more commonly, during the summer between V and VI Forms. Their intent in establishing this fund was to reward independent thinking, ingenuity, and planning and to encourage the student exploring non-traditional fields of inquiry or using non-traditional methods of investigation.

Photography has been a passion of mine for years and has only grown during my time at St. Mark’s due to the numerous opportunities to explore and learn more about this art form. When I took the “Art and Science of Photography” Saturday class, I learned the key elements of what makes a photo visually appealing and how to operate the DSLR camera that I borrowed from the St. Mark’s library. Turning in the camera at the end of the Saturday class term was painful, for I was losing a powerful tool that gave me the opportunity to freely express myself and capture the precious moments of life in outstanding quality. In the years following this educational experience, I captured random moments of life’s beauty with my iPhone camera; however, I was always craving a higher image quality and level of professionalism. When I learned about the Class of 1968 V Form Fellowship, I saw my opportunity to obtain a DSLR camera. I filled out the application as soon as it became available and, after weeks of anticipation, I was thrilled when I found out that I had been awarded the grant and would finally own a professional camera. 

Throughout the duration of the summer, I had the privilege of traveling to various locations around New England, and my DSLR camera came with me practically everywhere. Between the months of June and August, I traveled to Nantucket, MA; Rye Beach, NH; Providence, RI; Ogunquit, ME; Perkins Cove, ME; York, ME; Provincetown, MA; and the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in West Boylston, MA. I also took some photos in my hometown of Shrewsbury, MA. While I enjoyed shooting in some spectacular locations, I also learned that a good photographer can find beauty in everyday objects and scenery, and capturing this beauty in an appealing way requires skill. My photography expertise improved with each click of the button, and throughout the summer I learned how elements like lighting and angles affect photos. The photobook, which will be on display in the library, takes readers on a journey through my summer adventures. The images from the book are attached below as well, so please check it out!

I would like to thank the Class of 1968 for their generous support of the V Form Fellowship Fund, which made this project possible.

Alie Hyland is a VI form day student from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. She enjoys photography, playing soccer, and working with children.

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