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Pitch Project TV Show Winner: Noise

By Bailey Horne, Nathan Laudani, and Luca Vicinelli, VI Form

Pitch Project TV Show Winner: Noise

Concept Art by Bailey; click on image for Trailer.

Police Partners and best friends Walker Gibney and Irvin Demak undertake a horrifying mystery to uncover the disappearance of multiple individuals in a nearby forest.

Elevator Pitch
Walker Gibney, Irvin Demak, and two other police officers get a call and go to investigate a noise complaint in the woods. As they reach the woods, they split up to cover more ground, and the other two officers disappear. When the missing officers don’t turn up, they look further into the matter, and a bigger mystery unfolds. There are supernatural gifts, a fearless leader, and a war that nobody knows about until now. Meanwhile, Walker is facing an internal struggle with his family. The divorce between Walker and his wife has broken many relationships, especially the bond between Walker and his daughter, Sophia. As the mystery unfolds, he must make decisions that will center around the fate of both Fort Collins and Gib’s loved ones.

Walker “Gib” Gibney, a thirty-nine-year-old veteran, has recently left the Navy after seven years of service. He returns from overseas back to his hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado to visit his family again. Walker’s wife has decided to divorce him, and his daughter has the perception that it is his fault. He then finds a job as the local sheriff through his best friend from college, Irvin Demak. A couple of months go by, and he is living alone with joint custody. Sophia, his daughter, lives with him mostly because her mother, Lindsay Rollins, does not have the financial stability to continue supporting her. Gib is dedicated to working hard as a sheriff with Irvin as his partner in order to pay for Sophia’s college next year.
One night, Gib and Irvin receive a noise complaint from a park ranger about odd noises in a local forest, Hellion’s Thicket. So Gib, Irvin, and two other officers go to check it out. As the four policemen get there, they decide to split up into pairs to cover more ground and figure out what is causing the supposed noise. That is when the two officers go missing, and a larger mystery begins to unfold. Walker and Irvin head back to the station thinking that the other two have already left, but they are actually being sacrificed in a ritual by a cultist group. The next morning, Walker gets a call that the other officers never showed up, and their cruiser is still in the woods. As time passes, more people have gone missing without any explanation and cases are starting to pile up without any evidence. Now they have a much larger mystery on their hands.
As the plot in the show progresses, a cult in the woods will arise as the cause of the many disappearances and disturbances in the woods. There are very few members in the cult, but they are all very powerful beings. They are all barely human anymore due to the influence of their leader, Bozhidar, a vampire-like entity who organizes and directs the events of the cult. Bozhidar is extremely powerful and operates under secret, using cult members to do the entirety of his plans. Gib, Irvin, and other characters eventually face the difficulty of the cult’s members, having to defeat them with whatever they can in order to stop the kidnappings.
The title of the show is called Noise because the echolocation that the cultists use has a siren-like effect to it. That is how they can pull people in the right direction for them to be able to capture them for their many sacrifices. Sound is a constant theme in the show, as both subtle and loud audio cues will be used as elements in the show to show foreshadowing or important events. Constant themes will be decision making and doing what is right, of course with a price. Along with fear and the unknown, the show will be focused on horror, thriller, and drama combined in order to create a dynamic of shock, confusion, fear, and a constant attachment between characters and viewers. Another recurring theme of the show is the end of nature. A scene with deer will return after key events in the show with the deer either waking up, being awake, going to sleep, or being asleep in order to show the effect the show’s events have on the forests of Hellion’s Thicket in Fort Collins.


Noise will be shown on a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Showtime, due to the majority of a modern audience using streaming platforms as opposed to cable television. Also, with each season being released at a time, viewers will be able to binge watch without interruption from commercials or without having to wait an entire week for a new episode. This also means that the average runtime of each Noise episode would be more than that of regular television, at around 30- 45 minutes per episode. This will give viewers more content to watch and allow more content to be put into a single episode. The planned duration for Noise right now, assuming that the first season is a success, would be around six seasons. This is to ensure that later episodes do not drag for too long and so the show can have a definite ending. This way, viewers will be less likely to become bored and will enjoy an entertaining story more than one that lasts for too long and becomes boring. The title of the show is called Noise because the echolocation that the cultists use has a siren-like effect to it. That is how they can pull people in the right direction for them to be able to capture them for their many sacrifices. Noise also becomes a recurring theme in the show.

The pilot episode of Noise begins with local sheriffs and partners Walker “Gib” Gibney and Irvin Demak walking through a dense forest at night with ominous flashlights illuminating the woodsy surroundings as they walk towards the camera. Gib is a 39-year-old Navy veteran who has returned to his hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. Gib has brown, wavy hair with thick eyebrows. He is somewhat short but also strong and hefty. He has an easy time staying focused and on task. He is a quick thinker who has always been able to outsmart almost anyone, but sometimes he can work himself too much and become easily stressed. He cares deeply about his friends and family and would do anything for them. He is newly divorced from his now ex-wife, Lindsay Rollins, and has joint custody of his teenage daughter, Sophia Gibney. Irvin Demak is a 34-year-old man who was born to an African- American family a few towns over from Fort Collins. He is Gib’s best friend from college and has always been there for him. When Gib was in the navy, Irvin was climbing the ranks as an officer in Fort Collins and put in a good word for Gib when he returned. Irvin is stocky and built like a walking tank. He is a strong fighter who can defeat any opponent his way. Irvin has spot-on aim and keen senses, but can sometimes get lost in his ego. While Gib was away in the Navy for seven years, Lindsay cheated on him and started a serious relationship with Irvin. Irvin feels absolutely horrible about this, but this plot point isn’t planned to arise fully until around a second season of the show. Lindsay Rollins is 35 years old and never attended college. Similar to Gib, she has also lived her whole life in Fort Collins. She finished high school but never attended college, and spent her years swinging around different jobs, making poor financial choices, and dealing with crippling alcoholism. She has long, auburn hair and is tall. She has a good sense of navigation around the city of Fort Collins, but she struggles with being a good person. She is too selfish to care about Gib after he was away for so long, and she convinced Sophia he abandoned them because he was sick of taking care of her. Sophia is an eighteen-year-old senior in high school. She looks similar to her mother but has the dedicated work ethic her father has. She socially detached herself from either of her parents after the divorce yet still works to receive good grades in school and possibly attend college the following year. She can become impatient easily and trusts herself over anyone else. She uses her strong intuition to learn about the mysterious events of Fort Collins underneath her father’s radar in order to create her own, independent view on things.

The pilot episode continues with Gib and Irvin walking through the forest surrounding Fort Collins, called Hellion’s Thicket. The duo is searching these woods after hearing a noise complaint from a local park ranger around an area of the woods. Gib and Irvin begin to hear slight, strange noises such as whispering and gibberish singing. They also see a deer fall asleep. It is too faint for them to find a source, and after not finding anything, they try to meet back up with two other officers who end up never returning. Without any other choice, Gib and Irvin return the station to end the day, figuring that the guys they came with probably already left. The next day, Gib returns to work to hear that the other officers still haven’t shown up at all since last night. They have completely gone missing in a confusing turn of events. During the time that Gib is at the police station, he also calls his daughter, Sophia. This is Sophia’s first introduction as a supporting main character who at first just seems like a regular high school girl trying to cope with her parent’s unfortunate divorce. Gib also brings up the divorce to Irvin, asking him if he thinks Sophia is ok, to which Irvin passes it off as probably not a big deal. This is the first hint of foreshadowing about Irvin secretly being with Lindsay. Once Gib’s workday is over, he picks up Sophia from school in a long, awkward car ride, which shows their current relationship. The episode then picks up again with an urgent call from Irvin, who tells Gib to return immediately. It is then revealed that Darell, the park ranger who called about the noise, has oddly recently gone missing in the exact same area as the other officers. After everyone exchanges uneasy expressions, the pilot is met with a “to be continued…” followed by an end card and credits sequence.

The pilot is continued in the second episode, which shows Gib, Irvin, and a group of detectives exploring and investigating the creepy woods in an effort to narrow down the search area. The continuation of the pilot is the first time the viewer hears the noise, a sound which can call or influence others unwillingly. The noise sounds something like whispering and good signing getting increasingly louder for suspense, while also very echoey and reverb-ey. A suspenseful and scary scene follows where the detective is in a trance-like state as he stumbles through the forest as the noise continues. The camera is close to his face and doesn’t reveal much of outside him. Through the reflection of the detective’s eye, a flame can be seen being carried by another individual. Then the detective blinks, snaps out of it, and has an immediate expression of fear. When he tries to scream for help, no sound is made. He is paralyzed in fear, and the reflection of the flame draws closer. The camera turns around in a continuous shot to reveal grey, wrinkled hands grasp the neck of the detective and choke him to death as his windpipe collapses. This is how the continued pilot episode will end. The first season is planned to continue, introducing each main character’s side story while the same mystery starts to affect them all in different ways as the discovery of clues advance. The season 1 finale is planned to end in a thrilling, classic fight between Gib and a powerful member of the cult, leaving Gib in a critical state in the hospital.

The cult is small, only about six to eight people including their worshipped leader. The cultists have pale skin with long, demented fingers and fingernails. They are mostly bald and malnourished looking with sharp, gaping teeth. The leader’s name is Bozhidar. He is not human but is not exactly a full-fledged monster either. He is a hybrid of both, and his origin is unknown to the people who worship him. The easiest thing to compare him to would be a vampire. But he has incredible abilities and can gift his cultists some of his powers. They can locate people who trespass in the woods late at night without night vision. They use a form of echolocation with their minds and can see movement from miles away. This allows them to trap their targets and grab easy prey, like security guards and trespassing teenagers. They can achieve this by using a sound, the noise, which can easily manipulate and draw living beings to do whatever the cultists want. What the police don’t know until later on in the show is that Bozhidar has been sacrificing mortals for the eventual greater good of the planet. The more souls he collects, the longer Yeralti, a mythical god-like entity, will be suppressed into a deep slumber within a chunk of Earth’s inner mantle under Fort Collins. This introduces viewers with a moral dilemma between maybe-good and maybe-bad. Is killing innocents worth it for a supposed devastating event that nobody truly knows will happen? The differences in morals will split viewers and make the show more interesting as favorite characters are also split apart because of their opinions.

Sound is a constant theme in the show, as both subtle and loud audio cues will be used as elements in the show to show foreshadowing or important events. Constant themes will be decision making and doing what is right with a price. An example of this is Gib finding out his wife cheated on him with his best friend. How will this affect the storyline and Gib’s ability to stay level headed while fighting the cult? Along with fear and the unknown, the show will be focused on horror, thriller, and drama combined in order to create a dynamic of shock, confusion, fear, and a constant attachment between characters and viewers. Another recurring theme of the show is the end of nature. A scene with deer will return after key events in the show. A scene with deer will return after key events in the show with the deer either waking up, being awake, going to sleep, or being asleep in order to show the effect the show’s events have on the forests of Hellion’s Thicket in Fort Collins. The deer going to sleep in the pilot symbolizes nature itself going to sleep while also foreshadowing the arrival of Yeralti, who will destroy most of nature on the continent for good. The music in Noise will also be able to reflect themes and events in the show, with most of the music sounding eerie or scary in order to derive heavy emotion from the audience.

The atmosphere of the show will look very moody and creepy visually, especially in scenes with cult activity. Dark hues of colors will be used more often to make certain events seem bleaker or to make the viewer more uncomfortable with certain events in the show. This also allows vivid colors to seem even more vibrant, rare, and special to show when there is an unlikely or unusual change of atmosphere in the show. This could be used to portray what someone under the influence of a cult member might see when they are hearing the noise. Flashbacks will also be used to show Bozhidar’s long and ancient history in Hellion’s Thicket as a part of showing the viewer the show’s lore. Flashforwards would also be used for the scenes with Bozhidar’s eventual visions of Yeralti later on in the show. Ideally, for the show’s casting, newer actors will be used in order to shine a spotlight on actors with currently unheard of talent in the industry. This is not definite, and higher quality actors can be introduced depending on the show’s success to show viewers familiar faces they might be fans of.

Main characters
1) Walker Gibney “Gib”
a) Just separated from his ex-wife, he has a daughter
b) He is a police officer that had just moved to Colorado
c) His age is 39
d) He was a navy seal before he returned from overseas
2) Sophia Gibney
a) Senior in high school
b) 18 years old
c) about to attend college
3) Bozhidar, Leader of cult, Vampire- like being
a) Has been alive for many centuries
b) Only lives in this forest
c) The cult’s rituals have the ability to keep him alive
d) He can gift people abilities and must defeat his nemesis in order to find peace
e) A late-stage character, to be revealed about 4 seasons in with his motivations which complicate the story
4) Ex-wife Lindsay Rollins
f) 35
g) Finished high school but never went to college.
h) Alcoholic and works at a hotel
4) Irvin Demak, Police partner/ Best friend
a) African American, Originally from Colorado.
b) 34
c) Met Gib in College
d) Cheated with Walker’s wife

– The show will be taking place in a snowy setting, Fort Collins, Colorado with mountains and forests and a huge city to work in. Lots of opportunities for multiple seasons in different areas of the city.
– The show will be shot at a police station (studio), Gib and Irvin’s home (studio), and The Hellion’s Thicket (actual woods)

The length of the show
There will be six seasons. Season one will have six episodes but after that, each season will have up to ten episodes but no longer. Each episode will be from thirty to forty-five minutes and have no commercials as it will be shown on a streaming platform such as Netflix. The show will have a distinct ending episode, so it won’t end up dragging on for multiple seasons and risk getting boring / losing its charm.

Horror music (the music not the video)
In the show kind of music
Sad dramatic music
Tool- Merkaba (the creepy part)
Venom Trailer Music

Sound Effects


Social Media Aspects
Snapchat – Noise.tv.show
Instagram account – @noisetvshowofficial
Facebook – Noise TV Show
The trailer will be shown on all tv networks, but it will be shown on Netflix. Season 1 will be released in the fall of 2020, assuming the show gets approved.

Episodes through season 1 -2

Season 1
TITLE – Noise (before every episode)
Episode 1 – Starts off with the camera being blurry and you can see in the distance two figures walking towards it with flashlights. A shot of a deer going to sleep can be seen. This symbolizes and foreshadows the flow of natural life being ended. Two police officers, Walker Gibney, and Irvin Demak, are walking towards the camera looking into the woods searching for something. They walk into a clearing, but it is too dark out to see anything. Nobody is there, except for slight paranormal whispering. They decide to turn around after finding nothing. They go back to the squad car expecting to meet up with two other officers they arrived at the woods with earlier, but they are not back. After an hour with no response, they figure that the other officers probably left. The camera cuts to the police station the next morning with Gib, Irvin, and a couple other different officers. They are talking about the forest and nothing being there and how the noise complaint was probably a joke by some kids. Gib texts his daughter at school asking how her day is going. The camera cuts to his daughter, Sophia, at school with her friends talking about how the math test just went. She replies and goes back to talking with her friends about the senior prom.
The scene goes back to Gib at the police station talking to Irvin about how he hopes his daughter is ok because of a divorce with his ex-wife, Lindsay.

Irvin keeps working on his laptop and reassures Gib that Sophia is probably fine. Irvin then tells Gib that the other officers they were with have mysteriously gone missing after the night in the woods. He asks who called in the noise complaint and another cop answers that it was Darrell, the park manager. Gib asks to bring him into the station for questioning. After work, Gib picks up his daughter and drives her home. Its silent in the car until he asks her if she’s ok. She replies quickly and unenthusiastically. Gib then gets a phone call from Irvin saying he needs to come to the station immediately. Gib walks into the station at a fast pace to find a concerned looking Irvin, who then tells Gib that the park manager, Darell, is gone. This is similar to the other officers who went missing as it was in the same exact area.

Episode 2 – Aftermath / pilot continued
Irvin and Gib talk about what could be happening. They spend hours investigating the park during the day with other employees who say this has only started recently for all they know. Irvin and Gib decide to get a group of detectives out into the area where the people went missing. At the end of the day, one of the detectives is about to leave when he hears a beautiful sound drawing him in through the darker woods. To the episode viewer, the sound is like whispering/ good signing/ increasingly louder for suspense/ very echoey and reverb-ey. The detective is in a trance-like state as he stumbles through the forest and the sound continues. The camera is close to his face and doesn’t reveal much of outside him. Through the reflection of the detective’s eye, a flame can be seen being carried by another individual. Then the detective blinks, snaps out of it, and has an immediate expression of fear. When he tries to scream for help, no noise can be heard. He is paralyzed in fear, and the reflection of the flame draws closer. The camera turns around in a continuous shot to reveal grey, wrinkled hands grasp the neck of the detective and choke him to death as his windpipe collapses.

Episode 3 – Introduction of main characters and their side stories.
This episode will be jumping around from character to character, not focused on just one.
Gib – works at the police station during the day while his personal hobbies are very crafty (basic woodworking, engineering, programming).
Daughter – coming home from school and maybe some shots of her at school. She slowly becomes involved with her dad in the main plotline through her side plot as the show progresses. Begins to investigate on her own without the confines of the law.
Lindsay – Her working at the hotel and display to the audience of how she looks on a daily basis
Irvin – Shows him getting up in the morning ready for work, and meeting up with Gib’s wife before he heads to work to continue working on the case.

Episode 4 – More investigation / Lindsay’s job
~Gib, Irvin, and another officer go hunting for more clues at night time
~The park is huge which makes the search area too large and needs to be narrowed down more
~A few owls swarm Gib, Irvin, and the other officer named John. Owls don’t usually swarm and attack people. Noticing this odd behavior, the officers escape the woods just barely after also spotting a cougar.
~Lindsay sees evidence of the disappearances while working at her hotel job and decides to try and help out. She eventually uncovers a dead body in the basement of the hotel, and the police are called.

Episode 5 – Sophia discovers the mystery / Irvin’s investigations
~One of Sophia’s classmates goes missing; then she finds the police case files for the mystery at her dad’s house. She suspects they are related and decides to investigate on her own in secret in order to not be bound by laws like police officers are. She also doesn’t want her father to know what she is doing.
~Irvin investigates the homes of multiple victims who have gone missing
~Slowly develops connections through the victims all being drawn in by a noise they heard. Also, all victims live relatively close to the woods and near the outskirts of the city.
~There was a man mowing his lawn with earplugs on and saw one of his neighbors leave her house to go into the woods. He never saw her again. This witness statement helps in the investigation to the theory about the noise.

6 (Finale) – Gib vs The Cultist
Gib, Irvin, and John all have to go investigating in the woods at night again now that the search area is slightly narrowed down. After hours of looking, they decide to take a break in the squad car to write a report and eat food. John hears the noise and begins to drive the car through the woods going extremely fast. Gib and Irvin have no choice but to jump out for their lives. They hear the car crash in the distance and follow the tracks. John begins to attack Gib and Irvin as he is obviously acting abnormally and seems possessed. Irvin shoots and kills John and tries to run with Gib. The same grey hands grab Gib from behind and begin to choke him. Gib manages to grab his knife and stab at the hands, revealing a red-eyed, old looking, grey-skinned cultist. Gib and the cultist begin a classic fight. Gib uses his police equipment to defend himself, including gun range headphones to prevent him from hearing the sound of the cultist. The cultist bites off one of Gibs fingers at the end of the fight, but Gib manages to shoot and kill him while just barely escaping with his life. After wandering the woods for a few more hours, he finds Irvin and another group of officers searching for him. Irvin tells Gib that he somehow lost sight of him when the cultist appeared and that they have been searching for hours. Gib feels like it’s only been about 20 minutes though. They all leave the woods.

Season 2
1- Gib in the hospital / Sophia finds the crypt
~Sophia finds a hidden crypt in the woods and decides to further investigate. She walks around to the side and sees a stone slab missing in the wall. She peeks through only to be horrified; she sees the student that went missing in her school about to be sacrificed. She leaves before she can see anymore along with the photo she took. She keeps her findings to herself for now.
~Gib is in the hospital looking at the case files of all the victims he has lost and mourns. He feels like he should have done more and is determined to end this threat for good. He comes up with a plan

2- Gib gets out of the hospital / Sophia’s dilemma
~Gib gets out and decides to go straight to Irvin and tell him this plan, but when he goes to his house, he finds his ex-wife and Irvin in bed together. He puts the pieces together and figures out that Irvin is the reason his wife left him. Gib is upset but later comes to realize that he has bigger problems on his hands for now. Gib feels like he doesn’t have anyone to trust anymore, which makes the threat of the cultists more difficult if he is working mostly alone for now.
~Sophia is conflicted on telling her father about what she has seen. She investigates more on her own through gossip and rumors at school. She finds a few other friends who are also interested in the mysterious disappearances and decides to share her evidence with them. She knows the police have already been investigating the disappearances and figures that she and the other students might be able to uncover something in secret and without the restrictions of the law.

3- Irvin and Lindsay / Sophia and her friends
~The relationship between Irvin and Lindsay is now fully revealed and has been heavily foreshadowed up until this point
~Irvin’s internal conflict is revealed- who does he care about more? Gib or Lindsay?
~Irvin is obviously distraught at the idea of continuing to cheat on his best friend but still does it anyway
~Sophia and her friends return to the crypt during the day on a weekend after hours of trying to locate it again near the dense forests of Hellion’s Thicket. They find nothing but bloodstains over a tilted table. The area is heavily decorated in many different kinds of flowers and animal carcasses. Upon further inspection, a small amulet with an unusual gem is found under a once beautiful dead flower. The group of high schoolers takes more pictures, and Sophia keeps the amulet in order to study it later.

4- Gib’s Invention / Irvin’s depression
~Two weeks have passed since Gib and Irvin’s falling out. Gib has moved back into his old apartment and is trying hard to keep himself constantly motivated. After his work at the police station, he brainstorms at a small workshop at his house. After a lot of work and many hours of trial and error, Gib creates a device which can track nearby audio abnormalities. With this device, Gib hopes to be able to track down the source of the cultists.
~Irvin begins to feel depressed after Gib finds out about his betrayal. Both Lindsay and Gib mean a lot to Irvin, and the stress of the ongoing case with the cultists adds to his stress. Irvin takes a few days off of work and cuts contact with his friends so he can try to relax. Despite this, he struggles to find meaning in his actions and becomes more stressed and upset with himself. Irvin realizes he needs to repair his previous actions, decides to venture into Hellion’s Thicket alone in order to return to the station with more meaningful evidence. He is hoping finding solid evidence to help the case will help justify himself and assist in repairing his mistakes. After two hours of searching, his flashlight dies, and Irvin accidentally steps into a rope trap set up by cultists. He wakes up hung upside down in an unknown underground location. He is in immense pain and covered in his own blood.

5- Irvin’s capture/ searching
When Irvin realizes where he is, he gets confused as to how he got there, and then obviously scared. The Cultist is over him, preparing him for something, as he’s mixing herbs and liquids together in a ritual bowl. The camera cuts to Gib sitting in the office very confused about the disappearance of Irvin because he has never not shown up for work. People are starting to become hectic and sending out search parties for Irvin. The scene quickly switches back to Irvin. He has a bad wound on his head and is not sure how much longer he will be able to make it. The Cultist returns every few hours and mutters the same phrase every time, “ hugh tel men chin pap yok.” Every time the mutter gets louder and louder. The search parties are getting bigger and bigger. They have most of the units out looking for Irvin. The Cultist returns but isn’t saying the same phrase it has been doing every time, and all of a sudden a big fire ball appears over the cultist.

6- Irvin’s rescue
The search parties have had no luck at all, and haven’t even had a clue in several hours. Gib takes a break to get some food and runs into his ex-wife Lindsey. She greets him very kindly, but Gib has none of it and tells her to get away. He says he never wants to see her face again. He leaves and then returns to the search for Irvin in the woods. Irvin is terrified as this ball of fire is getting bigger and bigger. The Cultist is now screaming and repeating “ hugh tel men chin pap yok.” Gib trips over something on the ground and realizes it is Irvin’s flashlight. He then realizes that the tree in front of him looks strange. He gets up to examine it closer and pushes it. As he pushes the tree suddenly, a little click goes off, and the tree opens up. Gib can see stairs leading into darkness. He quickly calls for back up then decides to go for it, and starts hearing screaming. He starts running towards the sound. As he finally gets to where the noise is coming from, all of a sudden it stops. Irvin is hanging their knocked out. They free him and bring him to the hospital where they say other than the trauma to his head, and the lack of food and water he is okay.

7 (finale)- Reignition
Gib and Irvin are forced to work together again as a greater threat has risen in the woods. They need to devise a plan to destroy an abomination of nature that multiple cultists have created in order to protect their work in the woods from the outside world. Throughout the entire brainstorm to make their plan Irvin was thanking God for saving his life possibly and coming back for him. Gib says to keep professional, and that they have no other relationship other than work now. Meanwhile, Lindsay is at home drunk like she has been for the past 5 days. Just sitting there staring at the tv, that isn’t even on. Back at the office Gib and Irvin are trying to come up with a plan that will work. After a tough days work, they both decide to leave it for the night and go back home. Once Irvin is out of sight of Gib, Gib breaks down crying. He still can’t believe that his brother/best friend would do that to him. Irvin gets home and sees Lindsay drunk again on the couch. He walks upstairs to the bedroom and sits on the bed looking at himself in a mirror. He begins to cry, and scream. That he hates himself, and that he can’t live with what he did. That he doesn’t want to wake up the next morning. He then grabs the gun from his belt. He examines it and begins to fiddle with it in his hands. He looks back up at the mirror, and then suddenly puts the gun in his mouth pointed up. He mutters the phrase, “Give me peace and freedom.” The screen then goes black, with a gun shot in the background, and a body hitting the floor.

Bailey Horne is a VI former student from Framingham, MA. She is very athletic, artistic and diligent. 

Nathan Laudani is a VI Form boarding student from Uxbridge, MA. He enjoys eating, sleeping, and drawing.

Luca Vicinelli is a VI Form boarding student from Newton, Ma. He likes playing soccer, meeting new people, and having fun with friends. 

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