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Opening a Philosophy Café: Socrates Café in Seoul

By June Seong, VI Form
Opening a Philosophy Café: Socrates Café in Seoul

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This summer, I opened a chapter of the Socrates Cafe in Seoul. I created this venue with the intent to create a platform for rigorous and open discussions about questions that itch us under our skins: What is the value of art? What is love? I had previously crafted a model with Dr. Harwood for a Saturday class I will help teach in the spring semester called the Socrates Cafe. Essentially, the Cafe meets that happened in Seoul was a way for me to learn more about the nuances of moderating a philosophical and analytical conversation.

I was eventually able to get into contact with the founder of the Socrates Cafe, philosopher and writer Christopher Phillips. We did a podcast together that shed more light on the concept of the Cafe and our hopes and aspirations for widespread philosophical thinking.
Here’s the link for the podcast:

June Hyunjoo Seong is a VI Form bibliophilic, tea-drinking, Homo sapiens from the cusp of the flat earth—South Korea, Earth, Universe. She enjoys reclining in a weathered futon to read and eat.

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