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The Virtual Infectious Disease Project

By Ms. Elise Morgan, Faculty; Andria Bao, Shreeya, Sareddy, Madison Hoang, and Maddie Yearout, III Form

The Virtual Infectious Disease Project

Instructor Note from Ms. Morgan:
We have spent the last couple of weeks discussing how to be global citizens within our different communities. Our obligations to these communities change depending on situational factors such as time period, crises, and individual needs. During pandemics, often times our obligations to society and our communities directly oppose our civil liberties. Infectious diseases can easily become epidemics and evolve to pandemics when individuals do not understand the who, what, and why behind the transmission of the disease and when measures have not been put in place to control or to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It is also important to note that when infectious diseases do become epidemics or pandemics, populations of people and regions of the world are differentially impacted; that is, confounding factors such as access to resources, the density of population, climate change, and women’s health impact how infectious diseases are spread, treated, and prevented in different regions of the world. In this project, you will explore how one confounding factor impacts the spread of a particular infectious disease in a specific region of the world.

Zombie Pathogens
By Andria Bao and Shreeya Sareddy, III Form

Click to view Andria and Shreeya’s PowToon video project.

Swine Flu in South America
By Madison Hoang and Maddie Yearout, III Form
High Resolution PDF available here.

Elise Morgan has been at St. Mark’s School for 13 years. She is the Senior Associate Director of Admission and teaches The Global Seminar to third form students. In her free time, Elise enjoys running, walks with her family and playing soccer with her kids. 

Andria Bao is a III form day student from Westford, Massachusetts. Her favorite subjects are math and English, and she enjoys reading, robotics, and origami.

Shreeya Sareddy is a III form student from Hyderabad, India. Her favorite subjects are French and Chinese, and she enjoys playing the guitar, riding horses, and spending time with her friends.

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