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How the Adolescent Brain Works: In Annotated Diagrams

By Hannah Hassara, Katherine Gao, Kennedy Petties, Ryan Yang, Mary Flathers, Nathan Laudani, Cecily Bradley, David Ragone, Caitlin Lochhead, Teresa Meyer, and Steven Sinchi, V Form

How the Adolescent Brain Works: In Annotated Diagrams

Editor’s Note:
In the culminating assignment of the Biology 30 unit on Learning and the Brain, the students created Annotated Diagrams of their brains and how their brains learn new information. An Annotated Diagram is a formal sketchnote that aims to demonstrate understanding of the information by demonstrating how the information was processed. The following question was posed: “How might the fact that you are an adolescent help you craft learning strategies that work for you and are effective?”







Scroll down for large images of the Annotated Diagrams.

Hannah Hassara:

Katherine Gao:

Kennedy Petties:

Ryan Yang:

Mary Flathers:

Nathan Laudani:

Cecily Bradley:

David Ragone:

Caitlin Lochhead:

Teresa Meyer:

Steven Sinchi:



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