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Read the Pilot Episode: GASLIGHT–a Sci-Fi T.V. Series

By Sarah Robertson, Chloe Ene, Jasmine Williams, Madison Falzon, Justin Elkinson, Payton Nugent, Penelope Benkard, Aigerim Bishigayeva, Jasen Ripley, Lilly Drohan, Abby Moses, VI Form

Read the Pilot Episode: GASLIGHT–a Sci-Fi T.V. Series

Screenshot 2016-05-28 21.06.30GASLIGHT is a nine-episode television sci-fi drama written in Getting LOST II: The Writers’ Room during the Spring Semester.

Screenshot 2016-05-28 21.00.03

Click here to read the Pilot episode written by Chloe Ene, Sarah Robertson, and Jasmine Williams.

Check out the Official GASLIGHT WEBSITE HERE.

(Want to read more episodes? Click here for full folder of Season 1)

Getting LOST II: The TV Writers’ Room studies how the hit tv show LOST was made. We examine the process that any network goes through to establish and produce a tv show, with specific emphasis on ABC’s development of LOST. We then follow a similar process. As a class, we form a “Writers’ Room,” in which all of the students collaborate on brainstorming ideas and writing episodes for a full premiere season of a show of the class’ design. Mimicking a writing staff for any television series, all students are involved in formulating the plots and ideas for the show. Each episode is then co-written by two members of the Writers’ Room, utilizing the scriptwriting software “Final Draft.”

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