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The European Green Crab

European Green Crab as an Invasive Species (Conflict Copy)

A note from the creators, Ellie Hedison (V Form) and Marcus Permatteo (V Form):

While creating our infographic, we wanted to strike a balance between being informative and visually appealing.  The European Green Crab, an invasive species, has transformed ecosystems and communities along the eastern coast of the United States. We hoped to address the main aspects of the Green Crab as an invasive species and how it puts ecosystems in danger through visuals and graphs instead of simply just writing a paper. The European Green Crab was an appealing topic for us because it has a local effect, infiltrating the coasts of Maine and Cape Cod.

Here are some close-ups of the infographic, for more detail: IMG_2307



Ellie Hedison is a V Form day student from Acton, MA. She plays lacrosse and likes to go to the beach.

Marcus Permatteo is a V Form day student from Southborough Massachusetts. He plays basketball and enjoys fishing.

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