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Reinventing Myself with My Art

Reinventing Myself with My Art

By Debby Yip, VI Form

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs an international student with a passion for travel, I intimately intertwine my sources of creativity and originality with my experiences in foreign environments. The ideas found in my artwork are fueled by my adventurous spirit and desire to expose myself to new experiences. I always look for ways to incorporate unique compositions that reflect my personal style while giving my pieces personality through the use of color. I realized from my experiences, both inside and outside of school, that I express myself most clearly when putting my creative mind to work. I love making art because it will always challenge me to reinvent myself in ways other mediums cannot. My artwork is a bold and unique reflection of me.

The drawings of the butterfly, flowers, hands, and containers are drawn with color pencils on green, red, and black pieces of paper.The print of the bird standing on the branch is carved from gomuban. The other print of the two chairs is carved from linoleum. The artwork of the parrot’s head is a dry point piece.

Debby Yip is a VI Form boarding student from Beijing, China. She enjoys spending time with children, traveling around the world, and playing with her dogs.

Drawn with Colored Pencils

Color Pencil OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Color Pencil Butterfly (1) Color Pencil Waste 2






















































Carved from Linoleum












Dry Point







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