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La Realidad de la “Democracia Racial” entre Brasil (En Español and English)

By Theo Bartlett, V Form

La Realidad de la “Democracia Racial” entre Brasil (En Español and English)

Our core objective in our Spanish IV class is to study Latin American history in order to understand how and why Latin America has been shaped into the region that it is today. Within our curriculum, we accomplish this task by doing case studies on many different countries in Latin America, in which we study the national history of the country and then connect it to recent publications regarding its modern day situation. Within these case studies, we explore the demographics, economics, politics, and social scene of a country by immersing ourselves in Latin American literature, political debates, documentaries, and movies, and we reflect on what we have learned in both classroom discussions and written responses throughout the studies.  Most recently, at the end of our case study on Brazil, we were asked to take the information that we learned in the PBS documentary “Black in Brazil”, which talks (more…)

Memoirs of a Self-Professed Drama Geek

By Charlotte Wood, V Form

Memoirs of a Self-Professed Drama Geek

CharlotteLEO2I am a fantastic liar. I lie every day for hours at a time, occasionally to hundreds of people at once. I practice lying in my free time. I never feel bad, I always get caught, and I think it actually makes me a better person. People love my lies, and so do I.

No, I’m not some sort of psychopath, I’m an actor. When you think about it, that’s all acting is, really. Lying. Don’t get me wrong, I hate lying in the conventional sense. Honesty is the best policy, as they say. However, I firmly believe in the value of lying with the consent of the party being lied to, or, in other words, acting. (more…)

En français: Madagascar & Bruxelles, Belgique

By Laura Drepanos and Rosanna Zhao, III Form & Michelle Li and Alex Song, IV Form
En français: Madagascar & Bruxelles, Belgique
tana_skylineThe following descriptions are written by French 2 students who engaged in abrussels-pinned-map-europe-photo-may-be-used-as-illustration-traveling-theme-43571434 project making brochures that detailed different Francophone countries.


The Threats Facing Whales

By Kristen Upton, VI Form
The Threats Facing Whales
 Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.07.47 PM
Over the course of the summer, I had an internship at Ocean Alliance, a non-profit organization in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The main objective of the organization is to help with the conservation of whales and the ocean through research and education. I created an infographic to be used to educate the public about the current threats that are facing whales.


Listen To My Pictures

By Meg Josephson, VI Form

I’m going to keep this brief, or else I’d be contradicting myself.

After my constructive travels at St. Mark’s during such experiential opportunities as summer study abroad and the choir tour, I have been faced with the same pressing questions from family and friends when I return: “How was it?” and “What was your favorite part?” Once I reflect on my trip, all my memories mesh together, and the richness of the experience is so difficult to put into words. So instead, I’ve turned to the power of pictures to (more…)