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Three Weeks in English Teacher Heaven — Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

By Jeniene Matthews, English Faculty


GlobeWhat happens when you bring together 25 passionate, talented, and eager teachers of English and Drama?  What happens when that diverse group of people works nonstop in and around The Globe Theatre — one of the most significant performance spaces on the planet?  You get magic.

The magic comes from the building itself.  Conceived, built, rebuilt, and rebuilt again, the Globe Theatre was the vessel that brought Shakespeare’s genius to the people. Learning its history — and living it and becoming a small part of it — has a way of changing us.


Two IV Form Othello Essays: “Iago the Gardner” & “Emilia: Feminist Wisdom

By Allegra Forbes, IV Form, and Claudia Chung, IV Form

Allegra–“Iago the Gardener”:

A true villain invests time and care into his work, tending to his malevolent deeds tirelessly from whence they bloom in his mind to when they grow to be ripe and succulent. A true villain is as diligent as a gardener, scattering seeds of suspicion where he finds fertile soil, ripping out hindering weeds, irrigating his fields periodically, and even patiently waiting for nature to contribute its share. In Shakespeare’s play Othello, the scheming and fickle Iago proves to be a brilliant gardener, using the entire stage and cast as his plowed field. (more…)