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Smartphone Chemistry Bonding : Tin (Sn)

By Jason Park, V Form

Smartphone Chemistry Bonding : Tin (Sn)

CLICK HERE for Jason’s slides for his presentation.


There are a total of 83 elements on the periodic table that are stable, or nonradioactive. Of the 83 elements, nearly 70 of the elements (84%) can be found inside of a smartphone. Amongst these seventy, numerous rare-earths contribute to a smartphone’s function. Each element is carefully researched and requires specific chemical processes. However, parts of the world that produce and supply these raw materials often face shortages and cause environmental damages. Although consumers may find a new iPhone exciting to purchase, the materials that constitute the device should be considered. (more…)

Nepos: What Was No Spartan Woman Too Proud To Do?

By Tommy Flathers, IV Form

Nepos: What Was No Spartan Woman Too Proud To Do?

When Ms. Cook and I were going over what I had read over the week sometime early in Window 1, we came across this phrase. I flagged it down as a potential essay topic and have looked forward to exploring it in more detail. I am looking forward to researching the morality of the Greeks and Romans, or how the Romans viewed the morality of the Greeks. Currently, I have almost no knowledge of the subject. All that I know I learned from reading Nepos. I think that it might be “ad scaenam” because in line 5 he also mentions the stage.

Research question:

What could Nepos have written on line 4 of his Prologue? What was no Spartan woman too proud to do? Judging by contextual clues, which option makes the most sense? What evidence from the Latin text supports your claim? (more…)

Project Based Learning in The Global Seminar: The Zamibia Presentation

By Sarah Bechard, Michael Ferlisi, and Sydni Williams, III Form

Project Based Learning in The Global Seminar: The Zamibia Presentation

Editor’s Note: All III Formers took part in The Global Seminar’s project to create a proposal to improve the state of the fictitious country Zamibia. The students collaborated in groups as United Nations Development Programme Sustainable Development Teams. The two artifacts below include the slide presentation that the students delivered to their classmates, teachers, and visitors as well as the video of the presentation.

Click here for Sarah, Michael, and Syndi’s Presentation for Zamibia (more…)

Fundamentals of Photography: A St. Mark’s Saturdays Course

By Waverly Shi, Celine Ma, Hudson Ramirez, Alex Chen, Emma Simon, JB Clarance, Tommy Flathers, Duncan McCarthy, Holden Leblanc, Elon Stefan, Trevor Neff, Peter Nelson

To view slideshow of student images and skill employed, CLICK HERE!!

Fundamentals of Photography: Syllabus

A. Making Great Pictures

  1. what makes a great picture
  2. understanding your camera
  3. selecting the right lens for your photo
  4. using shutter speed purposefully
  5. photo shoot – front circle: take a series of photos of something that’s moving and show how different shutter speeds produce different results

B. Aperture and Depth of Field

  1. understand the inverse relationship between aperture and depth of field
  2. sharing and critique of photos from previous week
  3. photo shoot – cemetery: use aperture to create depth of field

C. Lighting

  1. found or ambient light
  2. introduced light and flash
  3. the color of light
  4. sharing and critique of photos from previous week
  5. photoshoot – reservoir trail:use lighting creatively


The Spartan Race

By Jack Eames, VI Form

The Spartan Race

As I prepared for the Spartan Race, I needed to be honest with myself. No one likes to confront their weaknesses or even think about them. My body was an experiment, constantly changing variables in an effort to yield optimal force output while being able to endure the five-mile race. I had no manual to follow, no coach to guide me. It was sheer motivation that carried me through the journey of preparing for this event.

When I was fifteen, there was no sport that enticed me or that I could compete in; my size–or lack thereof–restricted me from enjoying even the most simple athletic endeavors. One night, when most of my friends were out at sports practice, I was in my dormitory and found a YouTube video of a boy, similar to my stature, who transformed his body over a three year period. At that point, I no longer felt alone and weak, rather I felt empowered. (more…)

Herbst Musikvideo Projekt: 99 Luftballons

By Lukas Hanenberger, Syndey Howard, Cait Lochhead, Lucy Martinson, Hans Wu, Ryan Yang, and Justin Zhang, VI Form

Herbst Musikvideo Projekt: 99 Luftballons


Read below for assignment parameters in Mr. Daniel Mertsch’s class (auf Deutsch): (more…)