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American Sign Language ASL/PSE Song Interpretations

By Olivia Lin and Katie Mao, IV Form, and Lilly Shay-Duran, V Form

American Sign Language ASL/PSE Song Interpretations

The final task in the American Sign Language St. Mark’s Saturday course is to sign a song in American Sign Language (ASL) or, more commonly, Pidgin Signed English (PSE), a combination of ASL signs with spoken English grammar and sentence structure.

Click to view Olivia’s PSE cover of “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran.
Click to view Katie’s PSE cover of “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee.
Click to view Lilly’s PSE cover of “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s.

The One-Minute Photo Challenge: A St. Mark’s Saturdays Final Product

By Holden LeBlanc, Mateo Macri, and Hudson Ramirez, V Form

The One-Minute Photo Challenge: A St. Mark’s Saturdays Final Product

In the off-camera flash photography course, students learned the technical knowledge needed to use flash “off the camera,” where the camera triggers the flash remotely with the use of wireless triggers. OCF gives photography depth and texture; it enhances the creative process and allows one to create moods and incredible effects.

Instructor Note from Mr. Bauer: On the last day of class, students were tasked with demonstrating their best work to showcase the tools and skills they had learned throughout the fall. Holden LeBlanc, Mateo Macri, and Hudson Ramirez decided to embark on “The One-Minute Challenge.” They walked around the school on Saturday morning asking subjects to give them a minute to take their picture. They filmed the process and edited the video.

Click to view Holden, Mateo, and Hudson’s video.

ASL Sign Language to Popular Songs

By Samantha Sarafin, VI Form

ASL Sign Language to Popular Songs

In the spring term of St. Mark’s Saturdays, I created and taught this course: “In this course you will learn and practice the foundational elements of American Sign Language, from alphabet-based finger-spelling to more specific signs in vocabulary units. You will learn essential questions and phrases to communicate effectively in ASL and engage with various activities to practice ASL with your peers. You will also learn the history and social contexts of American Sign Language to develop an appreciation for the diversity and cultural richness of the deaf community.”

I designed the final project to be a video performance of an ASL song cover. Each student

Please click image for full video!

found resources and learned the signs to perform one whole song in ASL. Students spent time in and out of class working on the project and presented their videos in the final class. The goals of the assignment were to learn ASL vocabulary, understand how to sign songs, understand ASL word order, and practice sign fluency. This video is a compilation of each of the covers created by the students.