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A World Cup Preview for St. Markers: in English and en Español

By Drew Ladner, V Form, Taylor Collins, V Form, Kemar Darlington, VI Form, and Chris Wong, VI Form

In Mr. Neil Cifuentes’ “Contemporary Issues in Latin America” course, the class has completed a recent unit on the World Cup; the students were asked to work collaboratively in groups to create a magazine article, blog, or documentary previewing the Latin American qualifiers to the World Cup.  The following project aims to provide the St. Mark’s community with a comprehensive preview with predictions. (more…)

To Be Remembered Is To Live On: El Día De Los Muertos

by V Formers Erica Christensen, Camille Banson, and Brittany Andrea

The AP Spanish Language class was recently assigned a project for the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is anphoto 5-2 important holiday in Latin American culture, celebrated on November 2nd. During the holiday, Latin Americans remember and honor their lost loved ones. In their culture, the dead are kept in their memories and made an integral part of their lives. While such familiarity with the dead is contradictory to what we learn as children in the United States, the study of Spanish culture helps to improve our knowledge of the Spanish language. The students were assigned to make and dedicate a traditional Hispanic altar to someone close to them that had died. They were (more…)