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The Spartan Race

By Jack Eames, VI Form

The Spartan Race

As I prepared for the Spartan Race, I needed to be honest with myself. No one likes to confront their weaknesses or even think about them. My body was an experiment, constantly changing variables in an effort to yield optimal force output while being able to endure the five-mile race. I had no manual to follow, no coach to guide me. It was sheer motivation that carried me through the journey of preparing for this event.

When I was fifteen, there was no sport that enticed me or that I could compete in; my size–or lack thereof–restricted me from enjoying even the most simple athletic endeavors. One night, when most of my friends were out at sports practice, I was in my dormitory and found a YouTube video of a boy, similar to my stature, who transformed his body over a three year period. At that point, I no longer felt alone and weak, rather I felt empowered. (more…)