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Drawing Under the Surface

By Eun Soo Koh, VI Form

Drawing Under the Surface016_4000x1800

By saying that I am an artist, I am not implying that I am the best at drawing straight lines or perfect circles, or that I am capable of copying an object exactly as it is onto paper. Those impressions simplistically constitute a one-dimensional definition of an artist. Art, no matter in the form of painting, sculpting, or printing, serves as a means for the artist to convey thoughts, emotions, and ideas. While the endeavor of an artist to make a piece of work visually appealing is generally well-known, the artist’s message or intentions are often left undiscovered to floating audiences who only give hasty glances at the work. A piece of art loses its initial meaning that remains exclusive to the artist and his or her family and friends. However, there is a power in every artwork to impact a larger group of people. Over the past year, I have aimed to give my own work more purpose and meaning for myself and for others. (more…)