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The Pain Cave

By Ryan Haarstick, VI Form

“Last five-hundred! We are three seats behind. Power ten. Here we go!

One.two.three.four,” barks the coxswain from the bow of the boat.

I need to make sure my pulling is hard. I am exhausted. I must clear my mind, stop thinking, and keep my eyes in the boat. My shins are paralyzed; I cannot lift my feet. I have to push through it.

Since ninth grade, I have been rowing with the St. Mark’s Varsity Crew Team, working my way from the fourth boat to the second boat, and finally to the first boat. Now is not the time to give up. I took my teammate Alex’s seat at the top, and as the youngest member in my boat I have to prove myself. I focus on (more…)

Field Hockey: The Journey from an 8-Year Old Camp to Duke

By Alexa Mackintire, VI Form


stms g var fh # 1 014The first time I played field hockey was not voluntary at all. I was 8 years old and my school always got out for summer before any of the other schools in my town had. That means that there was about a two-week period when I was left at home with nothing to do. After just a few days, my mom knew she had to get either my brother or me out of the house because she could not deal with the fighting. I was the chosen one.

Every summer my older sister always did a field hockey camp that she loved. So, in that effort to get me out of the house, my mom signed me up against my will. I did (more…)

Commitment to Athletics in Education

By Patrick Travers, History Faculty


DSC_0354-LHopefully you will never have to outrun a bear in your lifetime. If you do find yourself running away from a grizzly, physical fitness might save your life. But there must be other reasons to exercise, right? The sports tradition at St. Mark’s and many peer schools has deep historical roots. In his May Head’s Reflection, John Warren focused on the importance of athletics at St. Mark’s and the school’s continuing commitment to athletics in education. School athletic teams foster lifelong skills for students that can be transferred to a family (more…)

A World Cup Preview for St. Markers: in English and en Español

By Drew Ladner, V Form, Taylor Collins, V Form, Kemar Darlington, VI Form, and Chris Wong, VI Form

In Mr. Neil Cifuentes’ “Contemporary Issues in Latin America” course, the class has completed a recent unit on the World Cup; the students were asked to work collaboratively in groups to create a magazine article, blog, or documentary previewing the Latin American qualifiers to the World Cup.  The following project aims to provide the St. Mark’s community with a comprehensive preview with predictions. (more…)

Why Crew? Crew Builds. . .

By Liz Cavanaugh ’04, Associate Director of Admission & Girls’ Varsity Crew Head Coach

Bad weather. Physically and mentally grueling practices. The Erg. Travelling to and from practices. The year-round commitment. The six minutes of torture called “racing.” The unisuit. The muddy, marshy riverbanks. The long bus rides home every April and May Saturday night. The destroyed, bleeding, blistered hands.

Why crew? Because of what it builds. . . (more…)