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Before it was LOST: The Sixth Form Room at St. Mark’s

By Nick Noble ’76, Communications Manager, Editor, and School Historian

Before it was LOST: The Sixth Form Room at St. Mark’s

In 1890, when the Main Building was first occupied, Headmaster William E. Peck set aside a small room along the Chapel corridor exclusively for the Sixth Form. A small narrow room, it had a fireplace, mailboxes for the Sixth Form (there were 27 Sixth Formers in 1893, the largest senior class up to that time), and Sixth Formers took to marking the window frame/sill area with Groton game results. That space is currently room 132, where Dr. Glomset teaches.  That original Sixth Form Room was under the direct supervision and authority of the Monitors. (more…)

Building Bonds with Campers at Brantwood

By Lindsay Nielsen, V Form

Building Bonds with Campers at Brantwood

It was 2:47 Brantwooda.m. I was woken abruptly  by a LED flashlight shining directly into my eyes. “Ms. Nielsen?” one of my campers whispered to me. Her face was red and damp. “We have a problem.” She avoided eye contact. I immediately knew what was wrong. This incident had happened twice before. I rolled out of bed, slipped on my rainboots, and attempted to quietly open the squeaky, wooden door that led outside. After silently leaving the shack with my camper, I walked her to the Wayside (the bathroom) and waited on the porch as she washed up. When we returned to the cabin, I placed her sleeping bag, blanket ,and wet clothes into a plastic bag. Grabbing my sleeping bag from my bedframe, I tossed it onto her top bunk and smoothed out the sides. Later that morning, I washed all of her belongings while the campers participated in morning exercises. I made sure no one knew whose items I was cleaning or rumors would spread like wildfire. (more…)