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Shakespeare’s The Tempest: Missing Piece Storyboards

By Daisy Williams, Steven Landry, Teagan Ladner, Grace Gorman, Sam Lauten, Riley Lochhead, Jess Adams, Tracy LeBlanc, Maeve McCuine, Caroline Bailey, and Kahler Mabbs, VI Form

Shakespeare’s The Tempest: Missing Piece Storyboards

Between Season Three and Season Four of LOST, the writers (for ABC and in screenshot-2016-10-25-00-00-59conjunction with Verizon) produced 13 short (< 4 minutes) “mobisodes” or “webisodes” that divulged scenes that didn’t appear in the first three seasons, but yet were considered part of the canonical narrative. These were called “Missing Pieces.” In Getting LOST, students were assigned to create a four-panel storyboard of a “Missing Piece” from Shakespeare’s The Tempest that they could imagine and create to be part of any aspect of the story from any point in history (from 5000 years ago to the unseen elements of Shakespeare’s plot to the present day ramifications of the characters’ actions). The storyboard–a graphic illustration that previews what would be staged or filmed by actors–could be crafted in any format or program.

Below are the varied storyboards created. Keep scrolling! (more…)