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A Tale of Three Species: The Man, the Woman, and the Communist in ‘Some Like It Hot’

By Lulu Eastman, VI Form


A Tale of Three Species: The Man, the Woman, and the Communist in ‘Some Like It Hot’

The 1950s were a time of deep cultural turmoil in the United States. In the era of the Cold War and the Red Scare, an environment of tension and confusion emerged due to uncertainty in the home and society as a whole. The Cold War era, clouded by an intense and deeply ingrained fear of communism, had Americans desperately seeking a standard of comfort or normalcy to turn to, and they found it in gender roles. Unease cornered women into their positions as housewives, and men were solidified as the family providers. Some Like It Hot, a 1959 film, was released amid a time of tension in American society, when gender roles and family life were strongly influenced by a Cold War-induced climate of fear and conformity. (more…)

Creating a Three-Minute Film

By Colin Capenito, IV Form

Creating a Three-Minute Film


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This past fall season, I participated in the“Three-Minute Film Project” course that as part of St. Mark’s Saturday. The goal of the course appears basic: each group of five to six students were to produce a complete three-minute film by the end of the seven-week Saturday course. What was not basic, however, was making a good complete film. Three minutes may like a blip of time; in fact, some might even wonder how seven weeks could be spent working on mere three-minutes of film. It’s challenging. (more…)