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Opening Chapel Talk: It’s Time to Be Extra Kind

By Lily W. Luo, VI Form

Opening Chapel Talk: It’s Time to Be Extra Kind

I have always wanted to give a chapel talk, so when the news came that I would undoubtedly be doing my chapel talk online, I was shaken. The idea of just sitting on Zoom and doing it made me tear up. Nevertheless, I still wanted it to be something meaningful that could set the tone for the year. I chose to do what suited me best and pre-record it in a way that I could simply layer on music and make it genuine. Sometime throughout summer, I thought: “Animations are sick…” so I chose to animate my story. Chapel is meant to bring people together, and we are in a situation where that seems unimaginable. I wanted to do something that shows that even when we are apart, we can still feel like we are together.

To view Lily’s Chapel Talk, click the linked photo above

Defining Leadership: Through Peace in the Sport of Squash

By Alan Gao, V Form 

Defining Leadership: Through Peace in the Sport of Squash

Recently, when I was playing squash with my partner, we both felt exhausted after an hour of intense training. Seeing that there were still a few more minutes before dinner, we decided to relax a bit instead of playing competitively. We came up with the idea of “peace-squash,” and its purpose is to play the game at ease and develop a social relationship. Each player needed to serve the ball as much as they can to the other’s position, allowing him or her to move less. The one who fails to “serve” the other loses the game.

At the very beginning, we found peace-squash relaxing. We stood there casually and hit the ball to the wall. To many outsiders, the way we played the game was seemed foreign, as we didn’t intend to win the game. Gradually, the extra minutes allowed me to have the Zen moment and reflect how squash players come together as a community. Sometimes the ball is hard to catch, like near a wall or in a corner, yet we try our best to return the ball to the position where the other players feels comfortable to reach, no matter where the other is. It is pretty challenging, and as the game continues, there are often occasions where one fails to catch the ball. When that happens, the person who hit the ball previously apologizes immediately. (more…)