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Reflections On The Lunar New Year

By Samantha Wang, IV Form, Helen Huang, V Form, Ryan Yang VI Form, and Thomas Li, III Form

Reflections On The Lunar New Year

Samantha Wang from Nanchang, China

The Lunar New Year, celebrated as the most important festival in many Asian communities all over the world, is coordinated by the cycles of the moon. It is at the beginning of a year, and the date varies every year.

As the most significant holiday in China, the Lunar New Year is traditionally the time for family reunion and to honor ancestors. In my hometown, people follow a series of traditions to celebrate this meaningful festival: first, we clean our homes and put up red decorations, a symbol of good luck in the Chinese culture. This tradition is based on the belief that cleaning the house at this time of year will “sweep away” accumulated bad luck from the past year. Cleaning also makes the house ready to let the good luck enter again. People celebrate in other ways, such as dressing in new clothes, visiting relatives, going to temples and praying to the Buddha, setting off firecrackers, giving out red envelopes, and honoring ancestors. (more…)