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On The Recent Return from Haiti

An Interview with Mr. Chris Kent (English Faculty) by Julie Geng, VI Form


JG: What made you interested in Haiti initially and decide to go on the first trip?

CK: When Ms. McColloch, and Ms. Berndt and Ms. Lohwater first developed the partnership, she asked me to come along and join the group. I definitely took a backseat approach and wanted to just observe and wasn’t necessarily as active as I could have been purposefully. I just wanted to see what other people thought this was all about and take the time to figure out for myself what interested me. So I’m not really sure other than just being approached and being asked to be part of the group were what really drove me. I don’t think I had early on a connection with Haiti other than the idea that helping the school seemed a great thing to do. I was definitely impacted by the idea of teachers helping teachers. (more…)

“Ordered Chaos” in Port-au-Prince

By Finnegan Schick, VI Form

Stepping into ninety-degree Caribbean sunshine from a cold, New York blizzard is not unlike diving headfirst into an enormous vat of hot chocolate. First the heat covers every inch of your skin, then it fills your lungs. Within seconds you are covered head to toe in sweat, and the only sound that comes to your lips is “Waahhugh.” (more…)

Collaboration Ties Us Together With Haiti

By Liz McColloch, French Faculty

DSC04521Our partnership with a Haitian school may seem, on the surface, to be about little more than the generosity of a well-to-do New England boarding school and the needs of a small school in a rural community of a disadvantaged nation.  This assessment may be true at first glance, but the partnership and the work of the Haiti Partnership Committee (HPC) are about much more than philanthropy or even cultural awareness.  For me, the HPC represents a future model of learning, one that will become increasingly relevant as we at St. Mark’s support students who seek to contribute to a globalized world.  The students involved with the (more…)