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The Marble Launch Project

By Jocelyn Cote and Maya Scully, IV Form

The Marble Launch Project

Editor’s Note: The Marble Launch Project was part of Mr. Bauer’s physics final assessment at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Given a shooting angle for the marble launcher and a random location anywhere on school grounds, the students’ task was to predict accurately where the marble would land with a six-inch landing strip. The class was given two weeks to prepare for the challenge. When the students felt confident and ready to shoot the marble, they were given a location and angle. The students had fifteen minutes to finalize their calculations, and they had only one attempt at the challenge. Multi-level locations were used for this challenge, especially those within The Center.


TASP Aims To Solve A St. Mark’s Energy Problem

By Liam Monheim V Form, Erica Christensen VI Form, Sarah Robertson V Form, and Jazzy Randle VI Form

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.02.48 PMIn Advanced Environmental Science, we have stopped doing modules and problem sets and instead are beginning a project that will take us until the end of February. Our class is split into groups of three and four. The project is to create an Essential Question and a Challenge that we will then address and attempt to solve.

The only specification for our Challenge is that it must relate to energy. In order to help generate ideas for Challenge, we wrote down observations on the campus of St. Mark’s relating to energy. We asked administrators, teachers, and students about their thoughts (more…)