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Ambition, Energy, Enthusiasm, and Grit: Getting Accepted to St. Mark’s and Following the Road to Success

By Elise Morgan, Associate Director of Admission

Interviewing prospective students is an art, not a science. Admission officers have a very small window to connect with prospective students when they come to interview, typically 30 minutes. Great kids can have an off day leading to an unimpressive interview and kids that may not be a good fit for the school can sometimes fool us with a fabulous interview (which is why we carefully evaluate the entire admission application). However, every now and then admission officers interview an applicant that is so impressive that they just know for sure that this is a kid that they definitely want at their school.

Ernie Pichardo (St. Mark’s Class of 2014) had a powerful motivation to achieve his goal of attending an independent (more…)

The Art of Interviewing

by Anne Behnke, Director of Admission

Perhaps the most crucial element of the interview process is the importance of making our families feel comfortable and safe; our positive and benevolent behavior and our reactions can often dictate theirs. I have been interviewing students and parents since I first began in Admission some 29 years ago; interviewing is so fun and so interesting, but it can also be intimidating for the first time interviewer or interviewee. One really cannot predict how any meeting will precisely unfurl when a student or his or her parent or parents sits in one of our offices. Our students and parents who visit St. Mark’s comprise the public, private, charter, and home-schooled families. Many are fully (more…)