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Overcoming the Challenges of an Introverted Entrepreneur

By Abi Smith, VI Form

My heart thumped as I walked onto the stage in front of thousands of people at the White Privilege WPCConference (WPC) in Seattle. I was one of four students from St. Mark’s School selected to attend the conference; WPC examines concepts of privilege and oppression and works to promote a more equitable world.

“Break a leg,” I whispered to myself as I maneuvered my way to the front of the stage. As I stepped toward the microphone, my foot became tangled in the wire. I stepped backwards, which unfortunately made the problem worse. (more…)

The Pain Cave

By Ryan Haarstick, VI Form

“Last five-hundred! We are three seats behind. Power ten. Here we go!

One.two.three.four,” barks the coxswain from the bow of the boat.

I need to make sure my pulling is hard. I am exhausted. I must clear my mind, stop thinking, and keep my eyes in the boat. My shins are paralyzed; I cannot lift my feet. I have to push through it.

Since ninth grade, I have been rowing with the St. Mark’s Varsity Crew Team, working my way from the fourth boat to the second boat, and finally to the first boat. Now is not the time to give up. I took my teammate Alex’s seat at the top, and as the youngest member in my boat I have to prove myself. I focus on (more…)

Fighting To Get My Life Back

By Brendan Dawson, VI Form

Cancer tried to defeat me, but I fought back. In the summer of 2011 I became thyroid cancer’s latest victim at the young age of 14. I experienced a wide variety of emotions throughout the next year. An enthusiastic, confident, active eighth grader vanished, and a mortified, timid ninth grader emerged. My uncertain future was now in the hands of the various doctors at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Life as I once knew it had abruptly ended, and I fought the challenge of a lifetime to win it back. (more…)

Sharing the Faith: Religion and Science

By Julie Geng, VI Form 

FaithScience_layout_2009_04_13_02_59_47For many, science and religion are mutually exclusive since science — reliant on the scientific method — can find no proof for Deity. Others think that these two forces coexist without influencing each other. As both a passionate young chemist and a faithful Christian, I have reconciled for myself the purported dichotomy between scientific endeavor and religious awe through understanding their shared element of faith. (more…)

Michael’s Past, Building My Future

By Brittany Andrea, VI Form


IMG_8892I found myself sitting in yet another doctor’s office, surrounded by white walls. Illuminating the bleak room was a large window and a fluorescent light in the ceiling. My brother’s doctor spoke in a monotonous, fluid voice. Listening to the concepts he described were confusing, amazing, and yet captivating. It was in this moment that I was struck with a passion.

My brother Michael has seen the inside of medical offices all of his life. I typically went with him, my sister, and my mom. He was always different from other kids his age; he learned sign language because he wouldn’t talk until he was four. (more…)

A Math Enthusiast

By Ryan Lee, VI Form

This past summer, I made a set of business cards in preparation for the International Congress of Mathematicians convention, where I hoped to meet world-renowned mathematicians. My card reads “Seung Jae “Ryan” Lee, Math Enthusiast.” The night before the opening ceremony, I couldn’t sleep. I was too excited about the prospect of sitting in actual lectures given by the scholars whom I had only read about and to witness this year’s Fields Medal Award Ceremony in person. I am not exaggerating when I claim to be a math enthusiast. I call myself a math enthusiast (though my friends find my choice of words rather amusing) because no other title better encapsulates my passion for mathematics. I was not always like this (more…)